Advanced Technology

At River Hills Dentistry, we are committed to your family’s oral health. By utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry and offering the most modern techniques and procedures, we are able to keep dental care comfortable, quick, convenient, and accurate.

Below, you will find some information on our advanced technologies and how it may impact your next visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to provide more information or schedule your next appointment.

CBCT Scanner

CBCT scanners are becoming more and more popular in dental practices. They are capable of producing three-dimensional images of the jawbone, teeth, and oral tissues. This allows the dentist to get a more accurate view of the patient’s dental anatomy and to plan treatments accordingly.

CBCT is a valuable tool for dentists because it provides a much more detailed image than traditional dental X-rays. This enables dentists to detect problems that may not be visible on traditional X-rays, such as infections, cysts, and tumors. CBCT can also help to diagnose problems associated with wisdom teeth, tumors, jaw alignment, and any other surrounding soft tissue issues.

Digital Impressions

Dentists use intra-oral optical scanning devices to obtain digital impressions of their patient’s teeth. These devices are small, about the size of a pen, and feature a small scanning camera that creates these digital impressions.

This technology has been slowly replacing conventional impression-taking methods and has made impressions more efficient and accurate. With the advent of new technologies, digital impressions can be obtained in a matter of seconds, as opposed to the minutes it would take to take a conventional impression. Impressions that have been done digitally can provide a more accurate depiction of the patient’s teeth and gums. This, in turn, can help dentists give their patients more precise treatment plans.

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